We are
transparent dedicated Mankind First

A platform that will utilise blockchain technology to work beside any politics, race and religion, constantly gearing towards a common goal of empowering humanity and supporting mankind.

Voting Rights

MK (Mankind) tokens will be utilized for voting. All members of Mankind First will be eligible to cast one vote each on all subjects open to public voting.

Economic Power

Positive change is catalysed by economic power. We will establish cross-national business ventures to achieve this.

Green Blockchain

Mankind First will run on its own environmentally safe (green) blockchain, based on Chia.Network's Proof of Space and Proof of Time.

Our core philosophy

“That’s one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind.”

Neil Armstrong
Our Principles
  • No racism
  • Freedom of religion (or no religion)
  • Be a decent human being
  • No interference with politics
  • Not above the law


Mankind First & Mankind First Foundation

Mankind First is easily explained as a human collaboration platform for a better future for mankind. A platform that will work beside any politics, race and religion.

We all admire people who work together for a greater cause instead of working against each other. Mankind First will create a place that will define its members not based on skin color, religion or race, but by their contribution to projects that will benefit mankind.


MK is a verified ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Token Distribution

During our IGO (Initial Group Offering), 67% tokens were distributed freely and fairly to the public. 8% tokens were dedicated to bounties and awareness campaigns. 7% tokens are reserved for charity. 17% tokens went to the Mankind First Foundation and 1% to its founder.

Mankind First Token Distribuion

Our Roadmap

    • Finalising airdrop & bounties
    • First exchange listing of MK token
    • Definition of 5 core principles for Mankind First
    • Website launch
    • Rare bounties
    • Mankind First campaigns and awareness
    • Listing MK on 2nd exchange
    • Definition of 10 additional core principles
    • Accepting donations
    • Recruiting new members
    • Content provision in 2 languages
    • Creation of a basic official organisation/foundation
    • 3rd exchange listing of MK
    • Definition of 10 additional core principles
    • Accepting donations
    • Recruiting new members
    • Content provision in 4 languages
    • Increasing economic power
    • Chia.Network clone (TestNet)
    • Mobile wallets for spending and voting
    • Definition of a total of 50 core principles (end of year)
    • Content provision in 8 languages
    • Recruiting new members
    • Increasing economic power
    • Listing MK on one major exchange (B+ to A)
    • Chia.Network clone (MainNet)
    • Creation of Mankind First organisations in more countries
    • Listing on another major exchange
    • Mobile wallet updates
    • Organising first council meeting
    • Increasing economic power
    • First council meeting
    • Electing council members via blockchain voting
    • Official handover of foundation and charity funds to council
    • Definition of the strategy for 2019 - 2025

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